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Minimal Disruptions, Maximum Results

Protect and maintain your underground assets using cost-effective large-diameter sliplining solutions from AFFHOLDER. Ideal for interceptor pipelines in congested areas or difficult-to-dig sites, sliplining saves money and disruption by renewing sewer infrastructure using the existing pipeline. Working from access pits, the new pipe is installed into the deteriorating host pipe, providing a strong, new pipeline without the need to dig up and replace your entire system. A variety of pipe materials and installation methods can be used, allowing AFFHOLDER to tailor the solution to your specific conditions.


Quick Installation With Solid Results

Typically, strategically located insertion pits are excavated and then hydraulic jacks insert the new, factory-made pipe into the host pipe. Section by section, the new pipe is installed, often without the need for bypass pumping or diverting the live flow. When all sections are installed, the annular space between the old and new pipes is grouted, securing the new pipeline in place. 


Sliplining is semi-trenchless, so it requires minimal excavation. Typically, the only digging needed is to create access pits at pipe insertion points or small shafts for reinstating lateral connections. While the process does slightly reduce pipeline diameter, the resulting pipe often has a lower roughness co-efficient and faster rate of flow than the host pipe. This helps to offset the potential decrease in the capacity caused by decrease in pipe size. Sliplining is a cost-effective, minimally disruptive option for giving new life to the aging pipeline.


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