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Proven Technology In Capable Hands


With decades of expertise, there's not much we haven't seen or solved. AFFHOLDER has successfully completed projects ranging from 4-foot diameter to 32-foot arch-shaped tunnels in all types of ground conditions, including soft-ground, soft-rock, hard-rock, and hand-mined.


Minimal Disruption, Maximum Results


Our innovative shotcrete solutions - the application of concrete through a hose under high pressure - provides a versatile tool for strengthening structures in tunnel construction, pipeline rehabilitation, soil stabilization, and culvert repair.


Consistently A Solid Solution

Fast, efficient, and cost-effective, sliplining involves inserting a new, smaller diameter pipe inside the existing failing pipe. Effectively creating a new pipeline within the old one, this technology is perfect for fixing damaged or corroded larger pipes without having to dig up the entire line.

Shaft Excavation

When Access Means Everything

When you need temporary or permanent access to the deepest underground points for tunneling, ventilation, elevator access, utility pipelines, or underground storage, AFFHOLDER has the capability to get the job done.  



With a wide range of expertise, we solve the toughest industry challenges while consistently exceeding customers' expectations.

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