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AFFHOLDER is an expert in the excavation and construction of shafts in a range of ground conditions. Tunnel shaft excavation is a method of creating underground openings for transportation, utility, or mining projects. It involves excavating a vertical or inclined shaft to access and support the excavation of a horizontal tunnel. This method allows for the safe and efficient construction of underground infrastructure, as well as the ability to access deeper levels of the earth.


In soft ground, we often employ conventional excavation methods with the installation of shaft supports such as liner plates or rib and lagging. In wet or soft ground, we can install sheet piling and sink caissons to build a watertight retaining structure. In rock, we use either mechanical excavation or drilling and blasting to install shaft supports such as rock bolts and shotcrete. Regardless of ground condition, a licensed engineer designs every shaft support system Affholder installs.

One of the key advantages of tunnel shaft excavation is its ability to minimize surface disruption. By excavating underground, the impact on the surrounding environment and community is greatly reduced compared to traditional open-pit excavation methods. Additionally, tunnel shaft excavation allows for the creation of underground infrastructure in densely populated or environmentally sensitive areas where surface excavation would not be feasible.

Tunnel shaft excavation also provides increased safety for workers and the public. The use of a shaft allows for the vertical movement of personnel and materials, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. Furthermore, the use of a shaft allows for the ventilation of underground excavations, improving air quality and reducing the risk of fires and explosions.

TBMs are specialized machines that excavate tunnels by cutting and removing soil and rock while simultaneously installing tunnel support structures. The combination of a tunnel shaft and a TBM allows for the efficient and precise excavation of underground tunnels, reducing the time and cost of construction.

Overall, Tunnel shaft excavation is a versatile, safe, and cost-effective method of creating underground infrastructure that minimizes surface disruption and provides increased safety for workers and the public. It is the best choice for the modern world, where space is limited and environmental concerns are high. With the latest technology and specialized equipment, it is possible to build even the most challenging underground projects safely and efficiently.

Shaft Excavation

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