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One Versatile Solution, One Trusted Provider

Our shotcrete technology is an incredibly versatile and essential tool in the arsenal of underground construction solutions. It plays a vital role in a variety of projects, including tunnel construction and pipe installation, sewer rehabilitation and repair, soil stabilization, and temporary or permanent excavation support.

Benefits of the shotcrete solution are:

  • High strength and durability

  • Can be applied to complex and irregular shapes

  • Quick and efficient application process

  • Can be applied in wet conditions and underwater

  • Minimal waste and material loss

  • Can be used to repair or reinforce existing structures

Shotcreting technology is the perfect solution for repairing aging culverts because its freeform application allows for application to almost any shape. In these cases, AFFHOLDER sprays a specialized wet or dry concrete solution using high-pressure air hoses at the surface being built or repaired. The shotcrete adheres to the surface and cures, forming a structurally renewed culvert. Not only does this method renew the structure, but it also stabilizes the surrounding soil with minimal flow volume and downtime reduction.

Consider shotcrete technology for any community or corporate infrastructure project in need of a reliable and efficient solution for repairing and stabilizing aging culverts and other challenging infrastructure conditions.


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