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San Antonio, TX


SAK Construction successfully completed a significant infrastructure improvement project known as the San Antonio Water System (SAWS) W-6: Hwy 90 to SW Military Drive Sewer Main. This endeavor aimed to replace an existing 54-inch sewer main traversing JBSA Lackland Air Force Base with a state-of-the-art 104-inch sewer pipe, extending approximately 5 miles. The upgraded infrastructure, stretching from the intersection of SW Military Drive and Old Pearsall Road, northwest along SW Military Drive, and east along US90 to the vicinity of the intersection of US90 and South Callaghan Road, addresses the need for enhanced capacity and functionality.

Initiated in mid-2020, the construction spanned a duration of 36 months, showcasing a meticulous execution of various elements. Approximately 26,160 linear feet of 104-inch gravity sewer main were installed through deep tunneling, complemented by an additional 1,600 linear feet of 60-inch gravity sewer main via micro-tunneling. Further, 1,700 linear feet of sewer main of various diameters were constructed through open-cut methods.

The project featured multiple vertical tunnel shaft sites strategically positioned along SW Military and US 90, reflecting the complexity and precision required for its successful implementation. With an average installation depth of 105 feet, reaching depths of up to 140 feet, the project included critical connections at key points such as Leon Creek and SW Military Drive, Merry Oaks Drive, Leon Creek and US 90, and South Callaghan Road.

The construction also navigated challenging terrain, including work along Leon Creek, the CoSA Greenway Trail, and in proximity to Nelson Wolff Stadium. Notably, the project incorporated bypass pumping to manage large diameter sewer flows exceeding 60 million gallons per day, ensuring uninterrupted service during the construction process.

This comprehensive initiative aligns with San Antonio's commitment to fulfilling obligations set forth in its agreement with the U.S. EPA, addressing capacity constraints in sewer infrastructure across the city. The successful completion of the W-6 project not only replaces aging infrastructure but also significantly contributes to the resilience and efficiency of San Antonio's sewer system, benefiting the entire sewershed and supporting the city's long-term environmental goals.

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