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St. Louis, MO


This purpose of this project is to provide storm water relief and redundancy for the existing 42” trunk sewer and removal of existing overflows into Maline Creek. The project was located in the City of Ferguson, MO. Originating from the Emerson Electric Campus and crossing to the west side of Ferguson following Maline Creek.
SAK’s scope of work included 7,695 linear feet of 84” TBM tunnel excavation and 475 linear feet of 72” hand-mine tunnel excavation. The excavated material consisted of clays, silts, and shale. Initial tunnel behind the TBM was “rib and board” and the hand-mine tunnels were supported with liner plate. The tunnels were excavated thru varying materials including full face and mixed face situations throughout the tunnel alignment. The TBM and hand-mine tunnels were also excavated under shallow creek crossings.
Upon completed of tunnel excavation, 7,725 linear feet of 48”, 395 linear feet of 42”, and 50 linear feet of 36” Hobas Pipe were installed in the tunnel excavations and the remaining void was backfilled with low density flowable grout.
Connections to the new trunk line were performed from the downstream end working upstream. Sewer overflows were removed, and Lee Street pump station was taken offline and demolished.

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